EXPOPLANT - Vendita e acquisto online di piante, arbusti, rose, semi e molto altro

Expoplant è il marketplace dedicato agli operatori, agli specialisti e agli appassionati di piante erbacee, arbustive ed arboree.

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The trademarks, trade names, logotypes, domain names and any other distinctive sign - in following "distinctive signs" - disclosed on the website  www.expoplant.com (in the following “Website”) and/or on other facilities and/or electronic communications networks related or linked to this Website are exclusive property of Terradice srl and/or of its partners and/or licensing parties and are protected on national, EU and international level.  They may not be used - for any purpose - neither partially nor entirely in their verbal or figurative elements - without the prior written consent of Terradice srl and/or other rights holders.

The name "Expoplant" and other distinctive signs and their variants and any distinctive sign including trademarks and/or commercial names of Terradice srl and/or licensing partners cannot be included in any internet address and/or domain name for any other website or as part of the above mentioned addresses and domain names, without the prior written consent of Terradice srl and/or the licensing partners.

The trade names of products and/or services of Terradice srl to which reference is made on the Website, independently from the manner in which they are reported, are protected distinctive signs.  The names of other companies and/or of their products may be trademarks ownership of their respective holders.  The use such trademarks without prior authorization by the related right holders is strictly prohibited and may constitute a law infringement.  All rights are expressly reserved.

It is forbidden to adopt as firm, name or company name, shop name and company domain name a distinctive sign similar and/or identical to the distinctive signs and/or to other trademarks as displayed on the Website, if, because of the identity or affinity between the business activities of the holders of those signs and the products or services for which the trademark has been adopted, a risk of confusion for the public may arise, which may also consist in a likelihood of association between the signs.

The prohibition also extends to the adoption as firm, name or company name, shop name and company domain name of a distinctive sign identical or similar to the distinctive signs for goods or services even not similar, where use of that sign without due cause takes unfair advantage of, or is the detrimental to the distinctive character or the repute of the distinctive sign.

Anyone interested in using the distinctive signs for the sole and exclusive purpose of indicating the destination of goods or services must submit specific and detailed request to the e-mail address info@expoplant.com, care being taken to specify:

  1. the date of the initiation of the use of the distinctive signs;
  2. the type of activity for which the use of distinctive signs is required
  3. the temporal and territorial extension of the use of the distinctive signs
  4. a detailed overview of the materials on which the distinctive signs are to be affixed and a description of the support component
  5. the layout and/or drafts the materials and/or the content in relation to which the distinctive signs are to be used.

All above mentioned materials must be sent with a 60 (sixty) days prior notice counted from the date specified in number 1.

Terradice srl retains with wide discretion and in accordance with the applicable law, the competence to grant or withhold permission for the use of distinctive signs and/or other signs directly or indirectly connected thereto.  In any case Terradice srl has the right not to agree to - and even to challenge - any use of distinctive signs, in absence of a full and timely compliance with all the conditions indicated above.

Any unauthorized use of the distinctive signs and/or other signs directly or indirectly connected thereto shall immediately be pursued by Terradice srl, in all the competent venues.

The contents of the Website pages may not be entirely or partially copied, reproduced, transferred, downloaded, published or distributed in any way without prior written consent of Terradice srl This is without prejudice to the faculty of saving the contents on one´s own computer or printing out parts of the pages for personal use only.

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